Team Extreme Specializes in Private Lesson & Group Class Training for ALL Ages!

Extreme Martial Arts Centers was founded by Sifu Dillman in 2004 under the direction of Tai Sifu Hubbard who is a direct student of Grand Master Doc Fai Wong. His teachers include the famous Lau Bun of San Francisco; Tai Chi and Wudang swordmaster Great Grandmaster Hu Yuen Chou; and Great Grandmaster Wong Gong of Choy Li Fut.

Extreme Martial Arts Centers is a member of the  Plum Blossom International Federation, which was founded in 1986 by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong

Today The Federation has over 300 schools and 50,000 active students making it one of the largest Kung Fu organizations in the world. Branch schools are located throughout the USA, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Philippines and even Tahiti!

The Federation, under the direction of Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong, trains and maintains teams for competition abroad, in order to promote Choy Li Fut and Tai Chi on an international scale. Students automatically become members of the Plum Blossom International Federation when joining Extreme Martial Arts Centers.

So when you meet with your highly qualified Personal Instructor you will immediately receive the benefits of a specialized training program focused on getting the results you want! Your instructor will perform an initial evaluation, speak with you about your lifestyle and prepare a program that fits your individual needs and goals! Students that take advantage of our programs are excited about the results they see through our proven methods and teaching that is unsurpassed! Whatever your goals may be, we have the experience and qualified staff that will ensure that you receive the personal attention necessary to excel in your training, regardless of your age or degree of fitness! Our staff is dedicated to helping you reach your greatest potential in the Martial Arts in the shortest amount of time!


Achieve Your Goals Today


The instructing staff of Extreme Martial Arts Centers is made up of certified, professional instructors.

All of our instructors go through a lengthy certification process that ensures that they are experts in teaching the martial arts, as well as expert martial artists themselves.

All students here at Extreme martial Arts receive private lessons with a personal instructor on an ongoing basis. This ensures that every student gets the attention that they need to excel in their arts and achieve their individual goals in the shortest amount of time!

Choosing a Martial Arts facility:

icon_checkresizeDecide what you hope to gain from taking Martial Arts.

Many people make the mistake of choosing a studio too soon before they have established their goals. This is a shame because it usually leads to that student quitting out of disappointment and never getting the opportunity to experience all the great benefits of Martial Arts training. Write down your goals beforehand and be specific even if you’re not sure which style you wish to practice.For more information about styles of Martial Arts please refer to our F.A.Q page.

icon_checkresizeFind a Certified & Qualified Instructor.

Research his/her credentials and make sure that you feel comfortable with this person. Remember also, “world champion” does not always equal “great teacher”. The teacher that takes his time with you and helps you to understand the lesson will be much more helpful than the undefeated grand champion of the world who just boasts about how great he is. Even if you have to drive a little further or pay a little more for training it will be well worth it to know that you are getting quality instruction.F.A.Q

icon_checkresizeYou Must Consider Attitude, Facility, And Customer Service.

Is the facility neat, clean, and have enough space for students to move about freely. Is the staff friendly and do they have a great attitude?Great attitude is important, because it is the people that make the studio’s environment what it is. Bad attitude = bad school. Martial arts is about mastering the fundamentals, make sure the Martial Arts school you choose mastered the fundamentals of customer service. Testimonial