Chi-Kung (Qigong) 氣 功 “Breath Work”

The 5,000 year old exercises of Chi Kung are designed to promote internal energy through breathing, meditation, moving exercises, and standing postures.

Chi can be used in various ways, Extreme Martial Arts Center teaches Chi Kung techniques that can be applied to health and healing as well as the martial arts.

Chi Kung helps students calm the mind, relax the body, and develop “rootedness” and better focus. The increase in energy flow helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

For Kung Fu and Tai Chi students Chi Kung training is also necessary for the development of Dim Mak (pressure point attacks) and increases the power of one’s strikes.

Qigong can help with Weight Loss & Beautification, High Blood Pressure Relief, Hard to Sleep Dampened, Sexual Dysfunction Relief, Limb Mobility Improvement, High Blood Suger Lowering, Heart & Kidney Strengthening , Development of Power for Martial Arts!

The Sanbao Ruyi or Three Jewels Wish Fulfilling Qigong is one of the Qigong systems the Chinese have been using in the last five thousand years to cultivate the mind, nurture the spirit, and promote strong and healthy body. The Three Jewels Qigong echoes with Buddhism’s Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. In Buddhism, liberation is achieved via “refuge” in the Three Jewels practices; abstention, meditation, and wisdom. The devout Qigong practitioner needs to promote and develop the essence (Jing), internal energy (Qi), and spirit (Shen). The correspondence between the Buddhist and Qigong Three Jewels is quite interwoven. The Buddhist “abstains” to refine the “Jing”, when he “meditates”, he cultivates his “Qi”, should he be “enlightened” (acquired wisdom), he must have strong Shen (spirit). A radiating Shen is best achieved with abundant Qi which must be supported by solid Jing. In other words, if a person is insufficient in Jing, Qi, and/ or Shen, his entire wellbeing will be disconnected and broken.

The Three Jewels Wish Fulfilling Qigong is an extremely effective method to moderate the Jing, Qi, and Shen. Because this system can drastically increase the energy capacity of the body and improve the immunologic function of the biological cells, one can achieve good health, strength, and a balanced mentality. Robust health and energy is like possessing a magnet that attracts luck, which would fulfill the wishes of the Qigong practitioner. So long as the practitioner can maintain a positive outlook, his dreams may become true. Internationally renowned Qigong Master, Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong is the current Keeper of the Three Jewels Wish Fulfilling Qigong. A Chinese American, Doc-Fai Wong began learning and practicing the Buddhist doctrine and the Three Jewels Wish Fulfilling Qigong system at an early age under the watchful eyes of then Honorable Zen Master Xuan Hua in the United States.

As he grew up, he broadened his studies with Taoist breathing methods and Qigong health systems from many traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. He also studied Martial Qigong from two of Chinas most famous Yi Quan kung fu masters, Professor P.S. Yu (You Peng Xi) and Mrs. Yu, Ouyang Min. Not only had they accepted Grandmaster Wong as their closed-door disciple, but also as their adopted son.

Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong established the Three Jewels Wish Fulfilling Qigong International Association, and he has since spread his system to over 35 countries, spanning from The United States to Canada, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, East Asia, and South Pacific Islands. Nowadays, Grandmaster Wong’s disciples have surpassed the 500,000 mark; his Qigong association is part of the Plum Blossom International Federation, one of the largest Qigong associations in the World.

The Three Jewels Wish Fulfilling Qigong system can balance the Yin and Yang and fine-tune the internal and external of one’s body and mind, by moderating the Jing, Qi, and Shen. Some of the positive effects of practicing this Qigong system include:

  • Weight Loss & Beautification
  • High Blood Pressure Relief
  • High Blood Sugar Lowering
  • Heart and Kidney Function Strengthening
  • Rheumatism/ Bone Pain Relief
  • Limb Mobility Improvement
  • Hard to Sleep Dampened
  • Sexual Dysfunction Relief
  • Development of Internal Power for Martial Arts

With diligent practice, healthy practitioners can sustain youthful vitality and prolong their lifespan, while martial artists can improve their physical strength and internal powers.

The Three Jewels Wish Fulfilling Qigong is safe to practice and easy to master. With dedicated practice, one may witness positive results between six weeks to three months. Furthermore, there is no chance of undesired side effects making the Three Jewels Wish Fulfilling Qigong an excellent system for everyone of all ages and capabilities to learn.