Team Extreme’s Mixed Martial Arts and FITNESS Program (MMA) is the perfect place to safely develop your skills in the stand-up, clinch, and ground games. Here students learn some of the same techniques used by professional mixed martial arts fighters in a live and interactive environment. Our combination of Chinese Kickboxing (San Da) and no-gi submission grappling creates a balanced and well-rounded approach to the combative arts, and Because of our unique combination of one-on-one private lessons and group classes, we are able to provide students with a safe and effective way to train in mixed martial arts and increase their fitness. Our MMA/FITNESS students can expect a fun, high intensity, full body workout that develops real fighting ability while emphasizing the values of positive attitude, respect, and humility to encourage a training environment that is suitable for students of all ages and abilities. Team Extreme’s MMA/FITNESS workouts will leave your body drenched, your muscles fatigued and your mind at peace.
Change YOUR ATTITUDE, change your BODY & change your LIFE!

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Price: $99.99

Type of Program: MMA/FITNESS

Level: All Levels