“Our family started Kung Fu at Extreme Martial Arts  3 years ago, and it has been a truly life-changing experience! The 4 of us train together every week, which has been a wonderful family bonding experience.  I have watched my children develop in their physical skills and self confidence…and I learned that I was capable of more than I ever dreamed of! I have never thought of myself as athletic, but now I have finally found a sport that I love.

A year ago, I decided to add Tai Chi to my training as well.  I learned quickly that not only was it a form of meditation in movement, but also a form of self defense.  I find myself challenged mentally and physically at every lesson. My sense of balance is greatly improved, and I feel that I have become more mindful in my daily activities. Have I found inner peace? Not yet, but I feel that I am on the right path!”

Irene Vallero