“When I hit my mid-40’s, I began to feel a bit uninspired by my workout and exercise routine. Working out at home was getting monotonous and stale, and joining a gym meant working out with a bunch of strangers in a sterile, boring environment. Nothing felt very appealing. So when I saw “Extreme Martial Arts” open next to the Raley’s that I shop at, it caught my eye. I kept looking in the window as I walked by, and saw friendly-looking folks doing some fun stuff in a small group setting.


Eventually, I got curious enough to walk in and see what was going on, and Sifu Dillman talked me into coming for a test lesson. I did, and liked it, and started going to the group classes as well. Everyone was really nice, the staff were very professional and the things I was doing in there were new and different, and made me use my mind and body in interesting ways.


That was over three years ago, and I am still a part of “Team Extreme”, only now I wear a green sash, have a wall full of cool and fun weapons, and have medals hanging on my mirror that I won in tournaments in Sacramento and San Francisco. After three years of stretching, Tai Chi, yoga, private lessons in Choy Li Fut kung fu and many group classes, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. Not only do I feel stronger than before, but also my balance and flexibility have improved to a whole new level, and I have memorized enough techniques and forms to keep my muscle memory sharp. Plus, I have had a chance to learn and play with some very impressive weapons, such as my Horsechopper Sword, double axes, long staff and other kung fu toys. Working out alone, or even with a gym trainer, would never have given me the training and development that I have received here at EMA.


However, the best part of this school is the people who go there. I have made many new friends at EMA, and view the school as sort of a second family. After three years working with the same people, you really get to know them, and we have shared many triumphs and adventures. We have shared details of trips, various marriages and births, the loss of friends and loved ones, changing jobs, the challenges of work and school, and all the other small details that make up a life. I am glad that I have had Extreme Martial Arts in my life these past few years, and would definitely recommend anyone interested to come in and check it out. You might just make some good friends and become a long-time regular like me!”


C J Addington

Citrus Heights, CA

September 2013