I am so excited Extreme Martial Arts had moved to Granite Bay! My son began taking lessons with them at another location almost 5 years ago.  I can say without any hesitation that their influence on his life has made a huge impact. Not only do they take their art seriously and are dedicated to their craft, they have become part of our extended family and have taken an interest in his schooling, sports and other parts of his life. It is a blessing to have found a mentor, teacher and friend in our kung fu instructor.

This is not a martial arts school for the commitment-phobe.  Your child will not sail through the sashes and become a black belt in a year or two.  They require commitment, dedication and expect a sincere effort in progressing through the system.  Their curriculum is not watered-down for kids and they do not pander to parents expecting immediate success. But that’s the way it should be!

The teachers are enthusiastic, positive, funny and accommodating

If you or your son or daughter need a physical activity, self-esteem boost or non-academic outlet, Extreme Martial Arts is a fantastic option.

Mrs Keefe